Open Up Your Heart

Frankie Beverly & Raw Soul

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Open Up Your Heart

Frankie Beverly & Raw Soul


1619 B.A.B

Spin It Jig

Smokey Brooks

The Funky Moon

Smokey Johnson

How You Get Higher

The Hunter & His Games

Oof (Do Anything I Want)

Colbert, Charles "Chuck"

The Whip Pt. 2

Al Brown

You Lost Your Thing

Hank Johnson

Soul Chills

Soul, Dede & The Spidels


70's Porn Funk

J.B.'s Latin

Spittin' Image

Stop ( Watch What You're Doing To Me)

Roy Roberts

Down Home Publicity

Apple And The 3 Oranges

(Get Ready) For The Changes

Marva And Melvin

Everythings Gonna Be Alright

Robert Moore

She Broke Down (Ran Right Out On Me)

Little Richard Iii

I Don't Want To Cry

Bennie Cole And His Soul Bros.

You Have Come Into My Life

Earl Swindell

Skin It Back

Tommy Bush

I Gotta See My Baby

Jamie Ellis